CORSA > Who we are

Water is transparent.

So we are.

We are clear

are posh.

If you can get there in a straight line,
why go around the houses?

We are honest

Yes, we are going to make mistakes.

Behind Corsa lies a team of 111 flesh-and-bone humans with many virtues and a few defects. The important thing is to solve it and say sorry.

We will strive to get you perfect water from minute 1.
Maximum 2.

We are agile

If we make you wait, go elsewhere and don’t look back.

We will strive to get you perfect water from minute 1.
Maximum 2.

are Corsa?

We are a Barcelona company
founded in 1974,
the same year that Abba
won Eurovision with

Lots of water
under the bridge.

Since then, we’ve dedicated ourselves
to water treatment at all levels,
though we’ve always been especially good
with the smallest equipment.
Indeed, we broke moulds in 1991 with the first
Osmotic, the osmosis system still setting
the pace in thousands of homes today.

Are you still reading? Congratulations:
nobody else has got so far :)

We’re in this together.

We sponsor people and projects
which respect water.

Ocean Cats.

Not only is this Spain’s only ocean rowing club, it is also the only one with an ocean protection project.
Sergi, Martí, Quim and Juanba are the 4 ocean rowers and are responsible for taking water samples during their long journeys. Samples full of microplastics which are then analysed at the University of Barcelona to conduct tracking and conservation work for our waters.

In addition, through “Ocean Schools”, they educate young people about the importance of protecting the oceans and offer practical tips for reducing plastic consumption.