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for protecting.

Yes, you and your house.

A great invention called a softener does this for you.

Put a softener into your life.

At Corsa, we also filter water to eliminate scale and chlorine, two great headaches, and which also make you waste money.

Crystalline water
all around the house.

Do you know that that means?
  • Wonderful showers.

  • Better hydrated and softer skin and hair.

  • Appliances just as new for years.

  • Optimal heater performance.

  • Taps, screens and dishes gleaming like on day one.

  • Super-fluffy wash without using conditioner.

And lots more,
but we don’t want to wear you out.

Our star product

Yes, Olympia Neo
is the one.

If what you’re after is the best domestic softener in the world, what you’re seeking is called Olympia Neo.

If you’re not completely clear about what you need,
you can find out at the CLARIFYER.

Careful: only a few of them eliminate chlorine.

Many softeners remove the scale, more or less effectively. But few of them eliminate the chlorine.

Neither your skin nor the good bugs that live there like chlorine. Indeed, if you have sensitivity, dermatitis, psoriasis or atopic skin… think about it.


Scale doesn’t let you save.

Do you not believe it? We’ll prove it to you:

How many people live in your house?

How much would your house be worth now?

Each year, you could save 222€ on faults and repairs, 111€ on cosmetic and cleaning products, and €150 on electricity.

And next year too, and the following one, and the following one...



uses Olympia and look how happy he is.

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