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Are you looking for a good-pretty-inexpensive water ozonator?
Oh! You’re in luck, as we have it and it’s called Oh!Zono. This ozonator connects to the washing machine to clean and disinfect clothes WITHOUT ANY TYPE OF DETERGENTS. None at all. Oh!Zono also has a second tap so you can draw ozonated water and use it to clean and disinfect the ENTIRE house: bathroom, kitchen, windows and all kinds of floors.

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Explanations about a water ozonator.

  • What does a water ozonator do?

    It adds ozone to the water, transforming it into water with active oxygen for a short period. Active oxygen is a powerful cleaner and disinfectant.

  • What maintenance does an ozonator need?


  • Do our products pollute?

    No, that is the point. Our osmosis, softening and ozonation systems are devised to eliminate the daily consumption of plastics, detergents and chemicals which do befoul and pollute the environment.

    Also, the majority of cartridges can be recycled in the yellow container (plastic).