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for cleaning.

What you hear.

It isn’t science fiction: water can clean and disinfect.
But we’re not talking about ozonated water.


An ozonator is a small machine that adds ozone to water. 

The ozone transforms ordinary water into active oxygen. 

Active oxygen cleans and disinfects, really thoroughly.

Important points

you probably aren’t aware of.

Active oxygen
really exists
and it works.

It is the result of adding ozone to water. It follows that a water ozonator is infallible against dirt and viruses.

Lavar ropa con ozono

You use detergents because you feel like it.

Lavar sin detergentes

Without adding anything else, ozonated water cleans and disinfects any surface. Think of some really dirty spot in your house: there too.

Lavar sin detergentes

It also works
in the washing machine.

Ozonated water goes into the machine and does its magic with the wash too. It also preserves colours better, works with cold water and doesn’t contaminate. What else are you looking for?

Our star product

Yes, Oh!Zono
is the one.

If what you’re after is the best domestic water ozonater in the world, what you’re seeking is called Oh!Zono.


If you buy detergent,
you’re throwing away money.

With our water ozonator, no.

Do you not believe it?

How many people live in your house?

Each year you spend 990€ on detergents.

And next year too, and the following one, and the following one...



uses Oh!Zono
and look how happy she is.

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