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If you want to get rid of scale from the whole house with quality equipment, we suggest Nasser. Not only will you enjoy showering with crystalline water, you’ll also have your installations, heater, taps and appliances protected from the corrosive effects of scale and chlorine.

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Explanations about softening.

  • What does a water softener do?

    It softens. That is, it eliminates scale and its consequences.

  • Why would anyone need a softener?

    Posh people with exquisite taste would. But they are not wrong, because scale wears down everything in contact with the house water prematurely: dishes, screens, taps, pipes, appliances, heater and clothes.

  • How much maintenance does a softener need?

    To have perfect water, once per year. If you buy the parts, you can do this yourself, which is simple. You can also engage a maintenance service so you won’t have to worry about anything, for 216€ per annum.

  • How much salt does a softener need?

    There isn’t an exact answer, as it depends on consumption and the water quality in the zone. But, approximately, 150g per litre of resin.

  • Are all softeners the same?

    Not all are equally effective.
    Not all use the same technology.
    Not all produce the same flow.
    Not all work in zones with very hard water.
    Not all last as long.
    Not all eliminate the chlorine.

  • Do our products pollute?

    No, that is the point. Our osmosis, softening and ozonation systems are devised to eliminate the daily consumption of plastics, detergents and chemicals which do befoul and pollute the environment.

    Also, the majority of cartridges can be recycled in the yellow container (plastic).