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MIAWA is our newest model and is characterised by:
  • Bluetooth connection to enable the user to connect and see the status of the unit via an app available for mobile phones.
  • Water temperature 5ºC - 35ºC.
  • Equipment performance 1 :1 in ideal conditions
  • Water temperature 5ºC - 35ºCv
  • Produces 20 litres/hour.
  • Continuous control of parameters by microprocessor with warning sounds and lights
  • Maximum salinity (TDS): 1,500 mg/l
  • Disinfection by programmable U.V.-C 14W lamp inside the tank.
  • pH+ re-mineraliser filter that provides plant-based calcium and magnesium.
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398 x 270,5 x 341 mm
Miawa - Sistema compacto de depuración de agua con rendimiento 1:1