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ESTEL, the classic stainless steel dispenser, offers you the following features:

  • Equipped with dechlorination, reverse osmosis or ultra-filtration, according to the model. *See technical data sheet.
  • Cold water thermostat: adjustable from 2ºC to 15ºC.
  • Front access to filtration compartment.
  • Class I electrical safety.
  • Incorporated pressure regulator.
  • Water dispenser via dispenser and tap.
  • Ultrafiltration membrane according to model. *See technical data sheet.
  • Re-mineralisation post-filter with bacteriostatic effect acc/model. *See technical data sheet.
  • Dispenses natural or cold water.
  • Capacity to produce up to 8L of cold water an hour.

Download ESTEL technical data sheet

1.050 x 430 x 305 mm