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Osmotic is the domestic water treatment equipment with which you will enjoy tasty and healthy purified water, unlimited and without the need to load plastic containers anymore. A future investment that will help you save more than you think. Find out in our savings calculator.

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What is reverse osmosis?

According to experts, reverse osmosis is considered to be the most advanced filtration system invented to purify water without having to add any kind of chemical substance.

How does Osmotic Zero work?

After the reverse osmosis process has finished, Osmotic Zero disinfects the water thanks to its ultraviolet lamp and then remineralises it by adding calcium and magnesium to create a balanced pH. Its system runs a self-check every 36 seconds and emits operating signals using lights and sounds. It also includes GPRS connectivity and an online platform exclusively created to control the unit in real time.

How do I choose a reverse osmosis unit?

Corsa Group reverse osmosis units make use of all the water to make pure water without losing a drop. Other osmosis kits made by the competition waste between 3 and litres for each litre of pure water.

Can the water be used for drinking or for cooking?

It is highly recommended for drinking and cooking. It is water with a low or very low mineral content and is therefore very healthy water that helps blood circulation, encourages the elimination of toxins and effective functioning of the kidneys, and so it is ideal for children and the elderly. It is also recommended for women who are pregnant or in the nursing period.

How do I control my Osmotic Zero?

Check the status of your osmosis system from panel.osmoticglobal.com. There you can check the filter level, water quality, daily consumption and many other functions.