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The Fontanilla filter is the pioneer of the Corsa group. The Fontanilla is a small, portable treatment unit for drinking water that means a return to real flavour in your food and water.

Convenient and functional

How does Fontanilla work?

It contains an activated carbon filter based on organic material (coconut shell) that eliminates chlorine from your water thanks to the bacteriostatic effect of silver ions that prevent the formation of bacteria. Depending on the model, it may also have an ionic exchanger resin that also eliminates lime from the water. The performance of the Fontanilla far outstrips traditional water purifying carafes.

What does the Fontanilla eliminate?

The Fontanilla filter removes the chlorine responsible for the unpleasant smell and flavour of the water, suspended particles, organic matter, heavy metals and trihalomethanes.

How long does the filter last for?

Both the Fontanilla Classic and the Fontanilla Clear Water contain filters that last approximately one and a half years. The duration depends on factors such as the use and quality of the treated water. When you need a replacement, you can get one here.

Does it require installation?

None at all, the Fontanilla Classic or Fontanilla Clear Water filter can be connected in just a few minutes and you can enjoy the best water in the home or wherever you need it. If you have any queries, see this simple explanatory vídeo.

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