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The Corsa Group has focused on water treatment for domestic and industrial use since 1974. Our commitment from day one has been to offer high quality products that use the latest technology. To do this, we have our own product manufacturing system and R+D department, which are the essential foundations for quality and innovation.

We have a comprehensive advisory, installation and maintenance service to ensure excellence for each and every customer.

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own manufacturing system


The history of the Corsa group is marked out by innovation: from its appearance on the market with the ground-breaking Fontanilla filter in the 70s, to state of the art technology in water treatment with Osmotic. Corsa Group started business in 1974 when it opened its first factory. One year later it marketed and distributed the Fontanilla filter, which became a success story in sales terms, with over a million units sold.

In 1976 the Corsa Group began to achieve prestige and recognition in national and international fairs in the sector. After years of effort and investment in R+D, in 1991 it launched the first domestic reverse osmosis unit, the Osmotic Silver. In 2003 it started to work on industrial projects, creating the first desalination plant, and in 2013, the first reverse osmosis plant fed by solar energy.


Our mission is nothing less than improving the quality of people's live That is the objective set every day by all the workers who form part of the group.

To do this, we feel it is essential to maintain the excitement of the first day, to have empathy for our customers and be versatile enough to adapt to new times.

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