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Cleans and disinfects any surface, room and laundry thanks to our ozonator equipment for water. Ideal for companies with laundry service or who want to guarantee the safety of both customers and employees.

Perfect washing, clean and disinfected

Environments free of virus and bacteria

Our ozonator equipment for water that connects to the washing machine, achieving in-depth cleaning and disinfection. The only product that completely eliminates viruses, bacteria and other parasites, thanks to the power of active oxygen. No need to use detergents or chemicals that can harm the planet, your skin or your clothes.


  • Softer and fluffier clothes
  • Vivid colors and perfect whites
  • Ozonized water for cleaning and disinfecting any type of room and surface (external faucet)
  • Without detergents or chemicals
  • Energy and economic savings
  • Ecological and healthy

Input / Power consumption: AC 100 - 240V / 50- 60Hz

Output / Power: DC 12V 3A Two ozone levels: 0.5 ~ 1.0mg / L.

Water pressure: 40 psi ~ 100 psi.

Operating temperature: Only with cold water.

Product Dimensions: 46cm x 24cm x 8cm.

Net Weight: 3.05 Kg

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