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  • Unit that disinfects water via ultraviolet light that includes low pressure Hg discharge lamp.
  • It does not add any chemicals, odour or taste to the treated water.
  • They include filters of 1 and 5 microns or 5 and 20 microns, according to the model.
  • 3C models include GAC carbon cartridge.
  • It is necessary to install a filtration stage of at least 1 micron beforehand.
  • The devices of the STP series guarantee a minimum dose of 25 mW sg./cm2 at the end of the effective life of the lamp.
  • AISI 316 L stainless steel housing.
  • Time meter, electronic ballast, Sound alarm and alarm relay.
  • Auxiliary outlet for connection to safety electrovalve, in the event of absence of UV radiation.
  • Uses in drink bottling plants, pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics, hospitals, farms, purification of private waters from wells, spas and health resorts.
  • Optional radiation control sensor from model 5000 upwards.

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